Peter Lucas was born into the family of the first American publishers of Salvador Dali's hand signed, limited edition prints. In 1966 after returning from Vietnam, Mr. Lucas immersed himself in the family business and became acquainted with the legendary Spanish Surrealist, Salvador Dali. He embarked on a life of scholarly study of the artist's works.

Peter LucasMr. Lucas is also a Certified member of the esteemed Appraiser's Association of America (AAA), the most prominent and respected art appraisal organization in the country. To be considered for membership in the AAA, a candidate must have extensive experience and uncompromising integrity as judged by the AAA Membership committee. After being accepted as a candidate by the AAA Membership Committee, Mr. Lucas completed the curriculum of Appraisal Studies at New York University required for membership. The coveted title of Certified Appraiser is only given after passing a rigorous examination. Fewer than one in ten members of the AAA earns the title of Certified Appraiser.

Mr. Lucas has not only earned the designation of AAA Certified Appraiser, the AAA awarded him with the distinction of Specialist in the Works of Salvador Dali. He is one of only two AAA Certified Appraisers who personally knew Salvador Dali. He was engaged to appraise part of the collection of the Salvador Dali Archives after the death of its founder, Albert Field. Most of Mr. Field's collection was subsequently donated to the Salvador Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg Florida.

Recognized as an expert in Dali prints, his authentications are prized by Salvador Dali collectors. He also works closely with fellow experts in the examination and authentication of Salvador Dali paintings, drawings and sculpture. You may contact Mr. Lucas at 917-667-5191 or at

Peter Lucas - Parents
Peter Lucas' parents, Phyllis and Sidney Lucas,
working with Salvador Dali in 1966